Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Poray has been treating professional and international amateur athletes since 1985. He holds a post-graduate diploma from the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic(FICS) and has provided sports injury and chiropractic services to the Canadian Sports Centre. He has been a member of the medical staff at Olympic and Pan Am Games as well as many world championships and twice been medical director of the Ontario Summer Games.

Athletes require a special level of training in their doctor to be able to determine injuries, and to recommend and implement appropriate treatment. Dr. Poray brings this training and experience to the table to provide athletes with guidance and care including sports nutrition, orthopedic testing, sports and kinesio taping, myofascial therapy, orthotics and specialized chiropractic techniques.

Chiropractic care for athletes has been shown to enhance performance by:

  1.  Maximizing the motion of the spine and removing segmental interference to the nerves which fire every muscle in the body.
  2.  Making certain all the other joints in the body are moving through their full range of motion and optimizing energy use.
  3.  Removing neural interference so that training, muscle development, skill acquisition, injury recovery and game day performance are at their peak.