Neuro Mechanical Impulse Adjusting

The biggest roadblock many people list for not seeing a chiropractor has historically been the “CRACK”. For some, the notion of having any joint moved this way has been too frightening. Another is that the experience may have been painful. We have now eliminated all these concerns with a revolutionary science and technology called the IMPULSE ADJUSTING INSTRUMENT. While all chiropractic techniques are extremely safe, this new technique uses a tool which is 100 times faster than traditional adjustments and requires no joint “cracking”. Dr. Poray is trained in this technique and will be happy to use either the Impulse Instrument or the traditional techniques many people have come to trust. Please view the accompanying 6 ½ minute video about impulse Adjusting featuring Deanna Eastwood. She is a news  reporter, a chiropractic patient and wife of actor Clint Eastwood.